Journalism Ethics And Standards


In the world of journalism, there are also set of ethics and the standards that are already set that should be followed. In other countries, they can have differences but there are also common ethics that should be practiced. The work of journalism is not easy as there are many challenges that they could encounter in the field or even in the office or anytime especially if they are dealing with sensitive issues. As journalists can have a stand against an issue, or expose some sensitive information about a famous person or business, they could be under threat.


One of the principles that are common is the application of “limitation of harm principle”. This was put so that it could protect a personal identity. An example is that the name of a minor child could be changed so that the real identity would not be revealed due to the sensitivity of the report. The names of the victim in a crime could also be withheld. If a reputation of one person should be protected then their names and other details should be confidential.


Other common principles can include being fair in giving or writing the report. There should also be objectivity so that the report could be written in that view. It should be the truth as there is also the accountability included in the report that is being given or written.

There are also other principles that includes not having discrimination. And people have different race and culture, physical features and practices, and others, it should not be the reason to write something about them that is in a negative way.