Writing Mistakes Writers Should be Careful of

Writers should be careful of these things:

Did you know that readers are naturally critic by their own standard as if they are good writers? They actually do not know how much labor writers go through to produce a good reading material.

1. You should not appear revealing to the topic.

If you reveal the point of the topic, you will just disappoint some readers because this is what they do not want.

2. Never Misspell words.

It is too annoying for native speakers to see their own language misspelled.

Misspelled words just displease your readers so they do not continue reading anymore. Always use spelling checker to make every word clear.

3. Avoid wrong Grammar.

The syntax and semantics of your work should be completely polished. There should be no error in your grammar because this is the rule of writing. Unless you know this,  you should not become a writer.  There is a grammar checker software for you. You can use that too so that you can be aware of your mistakes. This is a good link to download the best 3D software to use. Check this link http://www.zwcad.com.tw/. Very nice and easy to manage.

Sometimes writers have their own proofreaders. Technical writings too should have gone through proofreading before submitted. In publication,  the editor-in-chief take this role though it is not her over all task.

Do not use real names of imaginary characters. It is in your own guilt whether you use names of people you know. Of course, there are so many names that you could use but do not attempt to use names where people would doubt about it. For example, giving a name to two sisters in your story which match the names of two sisters in your community.